Where is it?

We're getting married on the island of Menorca, in the Balearic Sea off the coast of Spain. Menorca is not to be confused with its larger sibling island of Mallorca - trust us, Menorca's better, you'll see. (Menorca is often spelled Minorca - they're the same, just don't confuse it with Mallorca).

How Do I Get There?
Some tips

We did some flight searching and have outlined some tips here below, but feel free to ignore if you find a better way of doing it. We know that Menorca isn't exactly nearby for many of you, and we're really grateful that you're going to fly over there to celebrate with us. Get started now.


We recommend you book a direct flight into Barcelona (BCN) or Madrid (MAD), and then book a flight from there to Menorca (MAH). BCN tends to be better because there are more flights from there to Menorca. It's generally better to search for the two flights side-by-side and make sure the timing syncs up (i.e. first flight to Barcelona or Madrid, and then another flight from there to Menorca).

The best flights may end up being overnight (redeyes). If you plan to leave NYC on Thursday September 12 make sure your flight to BCN or MAD lands early enough in the morning on Friday September 13th to catch one of the earlier flights to Menorca from there. We definitely want you to make it to Menorca for the Friday night sangeet!

If you plan to leave on Wednesday September 11th then you'll arrive some time on Thursday September 12th and you can come join us when you get in.


We strongly recommend you book flights leaving on Wednesday 11th September which would get you into Menorca on Thursday night or on Friday morning. Besides getting flights to Barcelona or Madrid, you can look at flights into London (LHR or LGW) and then fly from London to Menorca. Flights to Menorca can often fly out of the smaller London airports but best to fly out of LHR or LGW if you can.

Car Rentals

We highly recommend that everyone rent a car as the taxis on the island are hard to come by and very expensive. The Ciutadella is about a 40 minute drive from the airport and you'll want to explore different beaches and small towns when we're not hosting events.

There are car rental options within the airport and budget options a quick shuttle ride away. A normal kayak, orbitz, etc. search has worked well for us every time we've gone.

Book your car soon as our wedding still falls in high season on the island!